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News today that Denver has made Inc.’s short list of 20 cities that may soon be the site of "HQ2" has social media abuzz.

Companies, politicians and especially Colorado residents have a lot to say about the issue.

"Colorado is one of the most business-friendly states in America and we believe the Denver region would be a great choice for Amazon’s second location!" said Gov. John Hickenlooper on Twitter.

But many people expressed concern about the soaring cost of housing here and the infrastructure and transportation issue plaguing the city as it continues to grow.

We compiled a list of some of the comments appearing on Twitter and Facebook about the announcement. (Editor’s note: Names and comments are published as they appear on Twitter and Facebook).


Gov. John Hickenlooper, @GovofCo

It’s great to be on Amazon’s list of finalists as they consider the location of their second headquarters.

Alex Bitz, @alexbitz

The only reason I like this is because our home values and the rent you can charge will go up. I better get packages faster than Jimmy John’s.

T.T. McQueen EM @ttm1976

Nashville is the booming American city. Growing 100 people a day. Look at all the business HQ who have moved here for the tax base.

Ed Zaleski, @zaleski_ed

Short list? 20? I was thinking you’d say top 5.

Lisa Compo, @compolisa1

At what cost to the tax payers?

Rocky Mountain Arts Association – RMAA, @RMAA5280

We’re not going to lie, We’re kinda good with it.

Lan DeNunzio, @lan_denunzio

If you have to ask State and Local government tax breaks for life; it should make people question Amazon net worth.

Tara S. Bostick, @TaraSBostick1

How is this great when it’s said that if Amazon moves to Colorado, the cost of living is going to go sky high and people, even some of the ones who come with Amazon, will financially struggle the whole time?! This is not good!! This is pure greed!!

Missliberties, @missliberties

NO! This state is crowded enough. Home prices are too expensive already. Because of that my property taxes and my car insurance have skyrocketed.

No THANKS to Amazon. Go somewhere else.


Brian L.

Considering we will not give up $1B in incentives like other Socialist states, like Texas, we will not be getting it. We are only going to pony up $10M. Missed it by "00" that much.

Michael M.

I suspect that by the time they are able to start hiring, we will be in an economic downturn, so it could be a good thing. Just because we are experiencing a strong economy and unaffordable housing costs today, doesn’t mean we will be in 2 years when the headquarters is complete. Denver has a lot to offer in the way of lifestyle and access to distribution and travel, but the technical labor pool is thin. Most of the employees would need to come from out of state.

Jeremy M.

The downside is that people want to keep moving here and apartment rents will continue to skyrocket! I’m trying to save up to move into an apartment and it’s just so hard because the rents are ridiculous as it is! It’s simple supply and demand. The more demand and less the supply there is, the higher the prices go!

A ton of people have already moved here ever since we stupidly legalized marijuana, so I definitely don’t want the Amazon headquarters here cuz even more people will move here and I’m just done with it!

Stacey C.

Terrible! The only way it would be good for the state is if they build it out east of the airport. That way people on the eastern plains have another option for employment.

Whitney M.

Legitimate question: does this additional headquarters aid in improving our roads and general infrastructure? Like, is there a kickback or something? Because our roads aren’t equipped to withstand what we have now, but add in more people and we’re in trouble. Additionally, what about other issues such as water, sewage, power? Or median income/condo housing? We have apartments and homes, but a substantial lack of ‘starter homes’ or condos due to construction defects laws. Good opportunity in theory, but in reality, is this not just more fuel to the fire on all of our existing issues?

William L.

We absolutely need a new Amazon headquarters in Denver! 10,000 new high paying jobs, averaging 100,000. Billions in investment for the city to help offset growth. A strong padding against economic downturns for the city. A lot of taxes.

Justin L.

The Front Range needs to address the issues they have now. It’s starting to fit those needs for those who are living here now, and the migration to and from the state is starting to move in both directions. A Big Bang population growth would not be good. Affordable housing needs to be rectified, along with homelessness, water issues, and roads. The economy here is doing great, and Amazon has a big presence in the area already. I know I’m not a “native” but I have lived here for 7 years and made sure to contribute without leaving any of my NC handprints all over. I think Atlanta and Amazon, or Austin, would be a great fit.

Ryan D.

I feel like traffic just got worse and rent went up. Amazon is bringing people here but not with higher salaries than anyone else. It will just add to the congestion problems we already have in Denver.

Jeff C.

Denver is not going to get it!!!! No huge, sane business would relocate to a city with massive housing shortage and high rents. Pueblo maybe… not Denver…

Rianna R.

Noooooooooo. Maybe in 5 to 10 years when we have figured out how to deal with this massive growth spurt better, but right now I think Denver needs to take a minute.

Zachary A.

They have already built a massive warehouse on the north side of town. The headquarters coming here wouldn’t change much.

Michael B.

Well, that’s depressing. We already can’t handle the overcrowding issues and the congestion issues that we have today. Bringing in thousands and thousands of more people is only going to make an already bad situation much, much worse. Cross your fingers and hope they pick another city.

Deborah N.

Hope they choose someplace else. Traffic is bad enough.

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