Denver Broncos: Trading Von Miller is the worst idea ever

Trading Von Miller would be the worst possible thing John Elway and the Denver Broncos could do this offseason in their pursuit of a QB…

Welcome to the NFL offseason, the land where any idea is on the table…

Except for one.

Some apparently feel like a quarterback is going to be able to come in and just magically take the Denver Broncos to the Super Bowl with absolutely no talent around him, and we’ve heard some wacky ideas all offseason.

There are some who apparently feel like the Broncos will need to cut almost every one of their players that makes over $1 million in salary to be able to afford Kirk Cousins on the open market, and as far as they are concerned, everyone must go.

There are others who feel like the Broncos should be willing to trade any and all assets necessary to acquire a quarterback, apparently including Super Bowl 50 MVP and Denver Broncos superstar Von Miller.

Maybe but don’t tell him. Seriously he played QB and you don’t trade the GOAT. Offenses can find ways to slow Von down. We saw that last year. It’s time for major upgrades on offense and trading Von would help accomplish that

— Brandon Stokley (@bstokley14) February 16, 2018

I’m a huge fan of Brandon Stokley, and he’s not the first person to suggest this idea, so please do not take this as a knock to the greatest slot receiver of all-time, but…

…this is the worst idea I’ve heard in my adult life as it relates to the Broncos.

In trading Miller, the Broncos would be creating a giant void and what would they be adding? What quarterback could they realistically acquire for Miller’s services?

Rumors have been floated around about Andrew Luck, and obviously neither the Broncos nor the Colts are making that deal.

Look, Von Miller isn’t getting traded, but even floating around the idea that he would be available in a trade is ridiculous. Miller is the face of the Denver Broncos and the main reason why this team won or even made it to Super Bowl 50 in the first place.

One thing that’s popular to say is that ‘everyone has a price’ and that’s probably true to a degree, but trading Miller — both in terms of the finances and also getting equal value in return — makes this a ridiculous talking point and a sign of pathetic desperation for a player that could likely be acquired with the assets (cap space, draft picks) the Broncos already have.

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